French school trip - the programme

French school trip the programme

A balanced programme will divide your group's time between French lessons, activities, excursions and evening ents. We make sure we take into account the age and ability of your pupils,  as well as your own aims, preferences, and the experience of our management team in delivering successful programmes.

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Le Français

Over the last nine years, our experienced native French teachers have developed over 500 different games, exercises and activities to motivate pupils of all different ages and abilities. We also help the pupils write their French daily journal, and encourage them to speak French in the evenings and during meals times, when we eat in French style!

Here is a statement from our french teachers Benedicte Lechattellier, Sophie Lebailly and Sophie Laisney.

Les cours de Français:

Une pédagogie différente de celle de l’Angleterre et comme nulle part ailleurs qui se veut essentiellement ludique et basée sur l’oral.

« Ici, on apprend en s’amusant ! »
Au Château, l’apprentissage du français se fait par le biais du besoin, du plaisir et de la détente.
En effet, le but premier de cette approche est de décomplexer les enfants, de les familiariser et de leur donner confiance en eux pour parler la langue française.
La plupart arrivent timides et sans automatisme mais au cours des séances, les enfants prennent très vite confiance en eux et participent avec enthousiasme.
Avant : « Le français, c’est difficile ! » 
Après : « Au Château, c’est facile et on s’amuse bien ! »

En jouant, les enfants oublient qu’ils apprennent ; Ils sont alors séduits et ont envie de renouveler l’expérience.

Il ne me reste plus qu’à vous dire : « Venez nous rejoindre et laissez vous tenter par notre méthode …vous serez agréablement surpris! »

Sophie Lebailly.

Les Activités - journalieres et les soirées

Activities include: » VTT (Mountain Biking) » Escalade (Climbing) » Parcours de Santé (Assault Course) » Tir a L'arc (Archery) » Orientation (Orienteering) » Parcours de Sante (Assault Course) » Photogramme (Photography) » Escrime (Fencing) » Fabrication du Pain (Bread Making) » Exercise d’Initiative (Initiative Exercises) » et Kayak (Canoeing) » Mini beast Safari (Nature Trail).

French school trip activities

Each activity concentrates on a specific area of French language (eg Escalade = body parts and movement commands) and includes a formal language de-briefing. For a fuller description of each activity and to find out how French is incorporated within each one, click here.

Our Evening Programme includes: » La Tournoi (Floodlit Football, Basketball and Volleyball) » Campfire with singsong and marshmallows » Mini Olympics » Our famous french evening (pupils are encouraged to bring some french fancy dress) » Our renowned last night talent show. Bad weather evening options include: » Indoor initiative » Bingo » Quizzes » French film.

French school trip activities

For more information on activities, click here

Les visites locales

The Normandy beaches, town of Bayeaux (and its internationally famed tapestry), Le Mont St. Michel, local farms, zoo and typically French markets are all less than 30 minutes from our idyllic chateau setting. Groups normally spend two or three half days on excursions to any of these exciting destinations.

French school trip excursions

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Qualified french native staff.


We thoroughly enjoyed our trip in July, thank you so much for all you do to make it 'just perfect' for St Martins. A number of parents commented on how much their sons enjoyed the trip and mentioned how confident their sons were speaking french when on holiday in France. We certainly notice it in class.

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