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Chateau de la Baudonniere

On your Normandy Experience tour you will spend either a day, a day and a half, or two days at Le Château de la Baudonnière on our 'French is Fun!' programme.

The Château is all about French language immersion. Everything we do for you at the Château involves practical, spoken French at an appropriate level for your group. Your students are always encouraged by our friendly staff to speak French at every opportunity.

Our native French staff team deliver activities to your group in French with maximum group sizes of 12 pupils.

Our activities include

Archery, Climbing, Assault Course, Canoeing, Fencing, Bread Making, Nature Trail, Orienteering, Initiative Exercises, Mountain Biking, and Cider Tour.

Each activity concentrates on a particular area of French vocabulary; (e.g. climbing = body parts and movements) and starts with an introduction to the language and activity and finishes with a debrief which includes the instructor helping the class to complete their workbooks.

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