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Your third day will be devoted to giving pupils further insight into French culture, choosing from iconic visits such as a local French market, a goats cheese farm and a chocolaterie.

Popular excursion destinations in the region include Bayeaux, Caen, Honfleur and Le Mont St Michel. Our team will of course be able to help you identify an itinerary which suits your requirements.

French Market

French Market school trip

French markets are always lively and colourful. You will see all kinds of stalls, including seasonal fruit and veg, fresh fish and livestock such as chickens and rabbits. Join the bustle and buy all kinds of souvenirs from French fashion, jewellery and sunglasses, to the traditional Camembert or Normandy cider. You’ll certainly find the ‘hot produce’ stalls with their evocative smells of pancakes and saucisses grillées are impossible to walk away from!

Goats Cheese Farm

Goats Cheese Farm school trip

Based in a quintessential Normandy farmhouse, come and meet our goat’s cheese expert, who will be delighted to teach you all about his work. In a visit specifically designed for school groups, the children learn all about the different steps of goat’s cheese-making and are given time to stroke the goats, feed them, milk them and even try their milk! This is definitely a visit not to miss!!


Bayeux school trip

This visit takes you to the entrancing and ancient city of Bayeux, with its rich artistic and architectural heritage, including the magnificent medieval cathedral. You can also visit the Bayeux Tapestry, a unique 70m long document, made in the 11th century of woollen embroidery on linen cloth. The tapestry tells the epic story leading up to the Battle of Hastings and the defeat of King Harold by William the Conqueror. (See also our Modern History page for more information on Bayeux in WW2).


Calvados school trip

Learn everything about ‘le Calvados’; the apple brandy liqueur named after the region where it is produced. Although mainly known as a drinking liqueur, it’s also an all-round ingredient of Normandy cuisine, and locals have learnt to adapt it to almost any dish. From picking the of the apples to distillation, you can learn all about the process behind making Calvados.

Mont St Michel

Mont St Michel school trip

Probably the most impressive sight in Normandy, the Mont St Michel is a feat of medieval architecture with outstanding panoramic views over the bay. As a centre of Christian pilgrimage, the village consists of a blend of cobbled lanes, medieval houses, shops and cafés culminating in the Abbey, which has been kept in good condition ever since its construction. The adventurous can approach by crossing the bay on the tidal causeway with one of our expert native French guides.You will learn all about the local flora and fauna, the many points of interest, and the famous salted sheep.


Chocolaterie school trip

Unveil the mysteries of chocolate in this museum dedicated to our favourite treat. Discover its origins through a documentary where you will travel to cocoa plantations thousands of miles away. Back in the factory, observe the experts at their best and learn about chocolate-making and its memorabilia. Last but not least, take part in fun chocolate tasting games. A real tribute to chocolate!


Honfleur school trip

Visit the beautiful town of Honfleur, which is especially known for its beautiful, old picturesque port, with its slate-covered house fronts and flowery decorations. It has been painted many times over by artists such as Monet, and is thought to have given inspiration to the Impressionist movement. Have a look at Sainte-Catherine church, the largest wooden church in France, or simply have a stroll around and enjoy the moment in this magical little town.


Caen school trip

The town of Caen is mostly known for its historical background. As the city of William the Conqueror, Caen has protected its magnificent heritage including Caen castle, one of the largest medieval fortresses of its time, which now serves as an Art Museum. Caen was also a key site of the Battle of Normandy during the Second World War. The city has preserved the memory by building a memorial for peace. (See our Modern History page)


Deauville school trip

Although not as rich in history, Deauville is regarded as the ‘queen of the Norman beaches’ which is demonstrated in the film ‘Un Homme et une Femme’ (A man and a woman). It is also one of the trendiest Normandy towns, thanks to its harbour, international film festival, marinas, sumptuous hotels, Grand Casino and its racecourse.

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"It was wonderful to find out about the Chateau de la Baudonniere and I visited the centre during the Easter holidays with my colleague, Lynda Aguilar, to discover more. We realised immediately that our pupils would love the range of activities on offer and would all benefit from the experience of being in such a unique environment. We were, therefore, delighted when all 67 of our year 8 pupils decided to participate in the 5-day residential visit in October. After a long journey to Normandy, we finally arrived and the fun began! Despite fairly inclement weather, (typical of the region during October, unfortunately!) All the children thrived in the French-speaking environment and the Chateau staff were extremely skilled at enabling our pupils to feel comfortable and challenged in such an atmosphere. Our days were filled with an amazing range of activities – including archery, bread – making, orienteering and a very muddy (and hugely popular!) assault course...

Zoë Thomas – Head of French

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