A day of French Language

A day of French Language school toursYour first full day in France will be spent with one of our professionally trained native French animateurs. They will be speaking in French with your group throughout the day, in the evening and at mealtimes. Not only will they ensure your group are speaking French at every opportunity, but they will also make the whole experience great fun.

In the morning, your animateur will lead activities at the Chateau, such as bread-making or initiative exercises, all completed using spoken French. Our Animateurs are trained to tailor what they do to the level of your group, so even complete beginners can take part!

In the afternoon, your animateur will lead any cultural visits, encouraging students to speak French with locals and with each other. Your animateur will also use their local knowledge to ensure your group gets the most out of their visit.

In the evening they will help your pupils complete their workbooks.

Bread Making

Fabrication du Pain (Bread Making)

Suitable for all ages, bread-making is not just a case of making bread, it is also a golden opportunity to practise your French singing talents. Pupils will be guided from the very beginning with simple instructions in French.

Initiative Exercises

Exercises d'initiative (Initiative Exercises)

Taking place in the grounds of your accommodation, tasks are set for each group, to encourage pupils to work together both mentally and physically. These team-building and problem-solving activities are challenging, fun and require students to employ good French communication skills.

Mini Beast Safari

Mini beast Safari (Nature Trail)

The grounds of your accommodation will provide the perfect location for our famous Nature Trail. With the use of specially designed identification cards, pupils learn about the countryside and the names of many different creatures, thereby expanding their knowledge of French.

Circus Skills

Circus skills

Pupils will learn new skills such as juggling and the Diablo, with all instructions in French.

French Culture

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